Suggested parks for each language:
    Mandarin - XiHu in Hangzhou and People's Park in Shanghai

    German - Der Englische Garten in München and Der Tiergarten in Berlin, Rathaus Park in Vienna

    Italian - La Villa Boboli in Roma and La Villa Sforesco in Milano

    Spanish - Bosque Chapultepec in México, DF and Parque Güell in Barcelona, El Buen Retiro in Madrid

    French - Parc des Champs-de-Bataille in Quebec, Parc Mont Royal in Montreal and Jardin Luxembourg in Paris, Parque du Plage in Paris

    Japanese - Hiroshima Peace Park and Hibya Park in Tokyo

    Latin - the Forum Romanum and the Baths of Agrippa or Caracalla

Go to web sites in the language and in English to find information and maps of the parks.

Travel guidebooks are excellent resources that provide maps of parks and other detailed information.