Unit Theme: How Global Are We?
Global Issue: Population/Migration and Changing Needs
Essential Unit Question: How will knowledge of other languages and cultures enable us to collaborate in seeking solutions to global issues in an interdependent world?
Targeted Question: Why do animals migrate?
Learning Scenario: Animal behavior is interesting to people of all ages. Animals do not have boundaries and laws like humans do and yet their behavior seems to be guided by unspoken rules of survival. When animals migrate, how do they know where they are going? People use compasses, clocks, and maps to travel from one place to another. On the other hand, animals use their instincts and environmental clues to travel. This unit will increase student knowledge about how human behavior worldwide impacts the animal population.
Grades: Appropriate for grades 2-6
Selected activities may be used for K-1
Length of Unit: Dependent on minutes and frequency of instruction in the program.
Interdisciplinary Connections: World Languages, Science and Social Studies