-Create and tell a simple story about a migratory animal in a different habitat from New Jersey or from another country.

    -Act out a fable that uses a migratory animal or insect such as Le Renard et la Cigogne or L'Éléphant et le Singe de Jupiter by Jean de La Fontaine.

    -Create a simple poem about a migratory animal (cinquaine, haiku, acrostic).

    -Create masks and act out a virtual zoo for younger students.

    -Learn an authentic song in the language about pollution or a migratory animal such as La baleine bleue and Le pingouin from

    -Retell a story from folklore or myths about an animal such as why the Stork brings babies to their parents.

The Teacher:
    -Sends a class letter to an organization in the target culture about students' interest in helping educate others about the need for animal and environmental protection. Students can create and send small posters in the target language about animal advocacy (Save the ___. / Don't pollute./ Let's Keep Our World Clean).