Unit Theme: How Global Are We?
Global Issue: Population/Migration and Changing Needs
Essential Unit Question: How will knowledge of other languages and cultures enable us to collaborate in seeking solutions to global issues in an interdependent world?
Targeted Question: What cultural clashes occur as a result of migration and/or immigration and what are possible solutions?
Learning Scenario: Throughout the ages, the movement of people has left footprints on our planet. People move for many reasons: adventure, freedom, economic advantage, trade and survival. Some immigrants prosper in new environments; others do not. As the citizenry of the 21st century continues to become increasingly mobile and interdependent, people and countries face complex questions and concerns. This unit will increase student knowledge about issues surrounding immigration and stimulate discussion about ways to address these issues.
Intermediate Low
Grades: 10-12
Length of Unit: At teacher discretion
Interdisciplinary Connections: World Languages and Social Studies