Content Knowledge

Students will understand that...
Language Skills

Students will be able to...
Performance Task/Evidence
of Student Learning

Students will...
Climate, geography, natural disasters, freedom, employment opportunities and adventure cause immigration and movement of people. -Identify and discuss current population trends.

-Make inferences concerning reasons people move.

-Explain cause and effect of population shifts.

-Interpret data from population statistics.

-Create an idea map/fill in a graphic organizer.

Immigrants often make important contributions to their new country and culture. -Interpret authentic texts.

-Identify main ideas and supporting details.

-Infer the meaning of new words and expressions.

-Complete a comprehension guide to check for understanding of texts: main ideas, supporting details, and inferences about the meanings of unfamiliar words and expressions.

-Create a resume or curriculum vitae for an important person from the target culture.

-Prepare displays that highlight immigrants' contributions to the target culture.

-Create a "wax museum" in the classroom where students assume the identity of an immigrant in the target culture and present his/her information in a wax museum format.

Immigration laws and policies are at the same time protective and exclusionary.

Cultural misunderstandings often occur between immigrants and citizens of a country as well as between immigrants and their children when perspectives vary and people feel that their values are threatened.

-Interpret authentic texts for main ideas and supporting details.

-Describe and narrate in the present and past time frames.

-State opinions.

-Suggest solutions.

-Debate the positive and negative effects of immigration laws and policies on people, environment and economy.

-Create posters for a poster campaign that suggest solutions for the situations that occur between American students and recent immigrants.