The student government in your school is investigating the challenges faced by new students recently arriving in New Jersey from different countries. As part of a subcommittee, you will work with your team members to examine the academic, social, economic, and linguistic challenges faced by these students and compare and contrast with students from the target culture country. After a careful examination and discussion of the issues, your committee will report on its findings and offer recommendations during a student assembly.

    Interpretive Task:

    Read two articles in the target language on the challenges faced by immigrants in the country you are studying. As you scan the articles, fill in the questionnaire that your committee members developed in order to organize your thoughts and ensure that you understand the information.

    Interpersonal Task:

    Conduct a survey of students who have recently immigrated to the United States in your school. Focus on questions pertaining to the reasons for their relocation, any academic, social, and/or economic difficulties they are encountering, cultural misunderstandings/ differences and problems communicating with American students. Additionally, ask newly arrived students about cultural difficulties Americans might face when they travel or live in the target culture. Ask new students to prepare a guide for Americans visiting their country.

    Presentational Task:

    Prepare a report of your findings for the committee. You will make your presentation at a special assembly. Following the formal report, the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions and state opinions on the issues.