Resources on-line Books

    1) Ada, Alma Flor, Olmo y la mariposa azul
    A little boy tries to catch a butterfly that flies in and out of his window and through the town.

    2) Baca Haque, Mary, Madalynn la mariposa monaraca y su aventura by Michoacán"
    (Also in English as Madalynn The Monarch Butterfly)
    A bilingual story of a Monarch who loses track of the butterfly group flying to Mexico and meets several birds along the way who help direct her.

    3) Jiménez, Francisco, La mariposa
    (In English, same title)
    The son of an immigrant who does not yet feel accepted observes and draws an emerging butterfly which intrigues his classmates.

    4) Lewellyn, Clair, Asi nace una mariposa
    A beginning level picture book on the lifecycle of a butterfly.

    5) Joose, Barbara, El círculo mágico
    (In English as Ghost Wings)
    The grandmother of a Mexican girl from Michoacan dies and she feels her soul when the butterflies come back around the Day of the Dead. She recalls the ancient Aztec legend of souls returning as Monarch butterflies each year.

    6) O'Connor, Crystal Ball, Jake y la migración de la Monarca
    (In English as Jake and the Migration of the Monarch)
    On the beach in South Carolina, Jake and his mother see hundreds of Monarch butterflies going south.