You have been selected to participate as part of a team in a butterfly habitat recovery. You are concerned with loss of trees and plants that provide nectar and shelter for Monarchs on their route. You want to encourage people to advocate for the Monarch in any way they can and to plant a butterfly garden. You decide on making a videotaped presentation to submit to Univision or Telemundo or to air on a local access TV channel.

    Interpretive Task:

    Each team member specializes in the plant life of one country: Mexico, Canada or the U.S. You are designing a large backdrop for your video. Read about the plants, trees and flowers needed to feed and house the Monarch on its route.

    Interpersonal Task:

    Ask each other questions about the specific plants and trees in his or her area to serve the needs of the Monarch.

    Presentational Task:

    Make charts and maps for the backdrop of your video. Write a script, rehearse and film your public service message.