Content Knowledge

Students will understand that...
Language Skills

Students will be able to...
Performance Task/Evidence
of Student Learning

Students will...
The lifecycle of the butterfly and the migration path of the Monarch are connected. Identify, ask for and give information using directions from a map. -Label a diagram of the butterfly lifecycle.
-Map the migration of the Monarch.
The characteristics of Monarchs require certain habitats. Describe, inquire about and ask for repetition or rephrasing. -Read and interpret texts about Monarch habitats.
- Share information with the group and match words to pictures.
There are threats to the Monarch at the wintering site in Mexico and elsewhere. Express friendship, state needs, react to requests and interpret written text. -Perform a role-play between a butterfly and a sanctuary caretaker.
-Send paper butterflies to Mexico with messages.
The Monarch needs to migrate to the north in the spring. Re-tell a story orally and in writing. -Tell a story with gestures based on the book La mariposa bailarina