Rubric for Presentational Assessment

  3 2 1


Accurate and clear use of phrases and sentences

Articulates meaning

Satisfactory use of memorized chunks and some creative phrases

Pronunciation uneven

Prolonged pauses
False starts

Choppy speech pattern

Language control

Extensive range of words used to describe and to ask and answer questions

Satisfactory range of words used

Formulaic phrases

Limited range of words
Inaccurate structures

Reverts to the use of English

Communication strategies

Corrections made by repeating or rephrasing

Visuals and gestures used to trigger fluid speech

Mostly able to maintain explanation aided by visuals and gestures

Relies more heavily on the visuals than language for communication


Good eye contact

Dramatic expression

Easily heard

Powerful visuals

Occasional lapses in eye contact

Sometimes hard to hear

Little or no eye contact

Flat expression

Difficult to hear

Not facing the camera or audience

Rubric for Interpretive Assessment

  3 2 1


Accurate understanding of information and able to answer questions on the material

General understanding of the information but unable to answer questions in much detail

Misunderstanding of information

Word recognition

Able to recognize learned vocabulary and to infer the meaning of new words in context

Understands most of the sentences but has difficulty inferring the meaning of new words

Difficulty with recall of vocabulary

Main idea

Easily captures the main idea and can express it when asked

Relies heavily onillustrations and other visual clues to get the main idea

Misses the main idea

Rubric for Interpersonal Assessment

  3 2 1


Classmates, teacher and others understand what student is saying

Sometimes difficult to understand

Very difficult to understand


Student understands others in exchanges about the content

Needs repetition and rephrasing, but can communicate

Cannot understand the teacher and other students most of the time

Language Use and Control

Uses vocabulary and structures creatively when talking or writing others

Uses memorized chunks correctly when communicating, but less correctly when creating

Has difficulty sustaining oral exchanges